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We provide the High Quality Rubber Stamp, Flaxo Stamp, Ink, Auto Seal and so on. We are delivering to the Whole countery via SA Paribahan, Sundorban Courier, Janani, AJR etc. We assure 100% customer satisfaction and ofcourse Quality is First Priority !

Our Lipsmacking Culinary Creations


Uthappizza HOT $4.99

A unique combination of Indian Uthappam (pancake) and Italian pizza, topped with Cerignola olives, ripe vine cherry tomatoes, Vidalia onion, Guntur chillies and Buffalo Paneer.

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Weekend Grand Buffet NEW

Featuring mouthwatering combinations with a choice of five different salads, six enticing appetizers, six main entrees and five choicest desserts. Free flowing bubbly and soft drinks. All for just $19.99 per person


Meet our Culinary Specialists

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Musa Patoary

Chief Executive

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